Save Money: Brew Your Own Coffee

It’s probably safe to say that for most of us, saving money is hard. David and I are beginning to save to buy an apartment and though we’re both good about planning for the future, real estate in New York is expensive and saving up for a downpayment is going to be a major challenge. At the end of last year, we sat down with our credit card statements to try to pinpoint ways we could be better about saving an we were shocked to discover that we’d somehow managed to spend between $50-$60 each per month on…coffee.

Yes, it’s true, we love our morning brew. And afternoon brew. And evening brew. We live two blocks away from a Dunkin Donuts and a ten minute walk away from a Starbucks (as does just about anyone living in the New York City area) and it suddenly became apparent that there was a reason our baristas knew our orders by heart.

Though neither of us are big on New Years Resolutions, we did decide that for 2015, we would focus on brewing our own coffee at home instead of frequenting coffee shops so often. We agreed that we’d save trips to Dunkin for weekends as a special treat and that during the week we’d spend the extra few minutes it takes to make a pot of joe.

The first problem we encountered was that we didn’t have an actual coffee pot. (I know, I know…but hear me out.) David had been gifted a Keurig from his company for Christmas one year and we’d used it until we got bored of mediocre, fast coffee. When we moved in to our current apartment, local coffee shops quickly replaced our little Keurig. Now we were faced with the reality that we had to spend some money to save money. David purchased this coffee maker from Amazon for $25 and we picked up a pound of coffee from Dunkin for $10. We average roughly two pounds of coffee each month, so even including the purchase of the coffee pot, we still saved over half of what we normally spend between us.

Of course, there are plenty of days that we are too busy/tired/lazy to make our own coffee, but we’ve managed to save quite a bit of cash by trying to do it as much as possible. If you figure we went from spending between $100-$120 combined each month to maybe $20-$30, you can easily see how that adds up over course of a year. Perhaps we can take the $1,000 we save this year and purchase the top of a toilet tank in our future Manhattan apartment.

How do you procure your morning brew? Do you have a favorite coffee maker? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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